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Evolution and Intelligent Design combined

July 5, 2011

September 2, 2007
ZYGOTE THEORY explains all the scientific data – especially the improbability of getting enough genes by chance to make irriducibly complex structures. It’s better than inventing a bazillion universes to get around the probability and complexity problems.

A zygote is the first cell of a new individual after a sperm and egg unite. A higher intelligence appears to have done acts of creation of new species at the zygote stage. God changed only the genes he needed to or added genes needed for the next stage of life. It would have been born to an existing species which was able to care for it. God didn’t redo the entire genome and He may have allowed some mutation (micro evolution) so phylogenetic trees still work to show relationships.

Zygote theory explains the existence of pseudo genes and viral genes that we SHARE with other primates – because we had a common GENETIC ancestor – God, like a computer programmer, used existing genomes (subroutines) to build the next species. The Bible never says how old Adam was when he was created. Adam could have been a zygote (as Jesus probably was) born to a surrogate mother – probably a Neanderthal. Neanderthals have the physiology to give birth to a human with a large head and to care for him. Adam could have been born – and then God breathed into him the breath of life. He could be born AND be sinless just like Jesus.

He might have been fed and raised in a Neanderthal tribe (they seemed to have coexisted with modern humans in Israel). There are human and neanderthal skeletons found close to each other there. Eve could have been a partial clone of Adam (cells from his side as he slept). She also could have been a zygote who was then born to another Neanderthal surrogate mother and God brought her to Adam when she as a old enough.
ZYGOTE Theory explains how the great odds of new genetic information were overcome:
intelligence! It also explains why there were so many fossil hominids that were close to but not exactly on a line to humans. They really were dead ends. It explains punctuated equilibrium: the gaps in the fossil record are real – the intermediate forms may not have existed.